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Antioxidant Peptide Infused With Advanced Probiotic




AntiOxidant Peptides 


Peptides occur naturally in every cell of every living thing. They have a number of functions, including the production of enzymes to help your body break down foreign substances, and create antibiotics for your immune system and hormones that control everything from growth to organ development. Without peptides, life would not be possible.

Advanced Probiotics

Probiotics can help populate the gut with good bacteria. This is a key part of a person’s immune system. Gut bacteria have many functions in the body and affect things such as weight, mood, and inflammation.

Ultimate Gut Health

 In reality, the microbiome is a nuanced ecosystem composed of millions of organisms—it affects not just our gut health, but also our noses, throats, urinary tracts, genitals, and skin, and entire digestive system. Having a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria in our bodies helps us modulate immunity, insulate us from toxins, better absorb foods, and fight disease.

Boost Mental Health

Legenze protects and strengthen the functions of the brain cells,  improved beneficial effects on mental performance, learning, memory, and attention focus and may prevent age-related cognitive decline.

Stamina Boost

Legenze boosts muscle's capacity for energy production, increases exercise tolerance., allowing longer and more intense exercise. Legenze increases the levels of circulating musclin and triggers a signaling cascade, that improves muscle performance and assist the production of mitochondria in muscle cells.


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