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更新日期:1月 8

Mutekiz Shield Pro had signed a tv advertising with media corp channel 8 for 13 months. We are bringing this product to the mass market after 4 months of a market-proven and tested campaign.

Watch out for the ads soon.

Ads will be Aired from 14th Dec 2020 till Jan 2022. This marketing investment marks our long term commitment to public users and existing customer. Mutekiz is not a backyard business but an authentic Small Business that provides affordable premium quality, multi-functional and effective products.

08/01/2021Fri06:0011:30Happy-Go-Lucky S2 0.55

08/01/2021Fri06:0017:30Happy Prince 1.7

08/01/2021Fri18:3022:30Tastes of Central Plain 2.1

08/01/2021Fri24:0024:00Spice Siblings 0.15

09/01/2021Sat06:0011:00Hawker Academy 0.4

09/01/2021Sat06:0016:30Heart To Heart 1.2

09/01/2021Sat18:3021:00The Sheng Siong Show 28 8.5

10/01/2021Sun06:0011:30Legendary Taste of Sichuan Season 2 0.4

10/01/2021Sun06:0017:30Heart To Heart 1.2

10/01/2021Sun24:0024:00The Caregivers (PG / Page 129) 0.2

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