Mutekiz Shield Pro


Mutekiz kick-started a pre-pre-launch campaign with a group of positive micro-influencers. Experiencing the leading Hair Repair serum, Sheild Pro.

Mutekiz mesmerized her users with the unique formulation of floral extracts perfume and natural ingredients to prevent the hair strands from fray damages, discolored dyes, and much more hair impressions benefits.

The Uniqueness Of Shield Pro?

》The beneficial effects stay for 8 hours.

》The mesmerizing perfume lingers around you for a minimum of 6 hours and above. The longest duration of hair scent in the market.

Mutekiz strives her premium quality products in the self-care hair essential sector.

Mutekiz also plans to offer ODM to start-up hair salons and Homebase hairdresser for hair finishing needs.

Stay tuned for our first official launch of Shield Pro - Hair Repair Serum.

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